Friday, December 2, 2016

Saying Goodbye - I'm Dancing With Jesus Now!

From Donna L. Watkins

If you're reading this post, I am dancing with Jesus in Heaven, not just in my mind any more. Oh, how glorious it surely is!

Wanting to make things easier on Randal, I've been focused on total healing, but also have a very strong administrative gear, so I have been preparing things like this and putting them into an email folder so he has easy access to some of the things that need to be done while I dance.

Thanks for your prayers, friendships, and encouragement all these years. It's been a blessing to get to build a relationship with many of you online during these years. We will have all eternity to grow those relationships and I can't wait to meet you face to face. Email is definitely lacking as a communication tool in many ways. But very helpful and beneficial in other ways.

I'm sure it would be helpful for Randal to hear from some of you, as you are led only by the Lord .... I requested no funeral, viewing or visitation since we have lived in many states. The time to see and know people is while they're alive ... not dead at a funeral.  I will be cremated and sprinkled in the woods.  Randal and Ben can choose to have a Going Home Celebration.  It's of no importance to me.

I guess I have a morbid view of funerals since the first one I attended I was 9 and both of my great grandparents had died on the same day of heart attacks. I was very close to them since my Papa introduced me to parks, trees, squirrels, pigeons and cabooses to climb on at the railroad yard. Surely I got my love of nature from him, being further instilled with the love of all birds and animals that the grandparents that raised me had in their hearts also.

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Donna at Brookgreen Gardens, Murrells Inlet, SC
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The house will feel very empty I'm sure and Randal has no close family.  Our son lives in Oklahoma and we're in Virginia.  So if you feel so led .... you can email him from this link.  Choose Webmaster on the drop-down option.

I like tea parties, so I'll have a Welcoming Tea scheduled for us when you arrive in Heaven. Be sure to ask where my woodland cottage is located when you get settled in.

May God's blessings abound to you and give you peace and joy each and every day ... and don't forget ...Consider each day precious!

I will see you when you get here.

Love, Hugs and Many Blessings,

P.S.  Since I scheduled all my blog posts ahead of time you may still receive a few more from me.  That doesn't mean I've been resurrected [grin].


Note: Donna began dancing with Jesus on November 11th, 2016.  Thanks for all your support and encouragement.  Randal

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