Saturday, February 14, 2009

No Kill Rabies Test For Dogs

Until now, the only way to test for rabies in an animal who is suspected of harboring the disease has been to kill him and wait 10-14 days for the results of testing on his brain tissue. All that’s about to change, with good news about a new instant saliva test that works on living animals:

Dyne Immune, LLC announced their new, portable Rabies RAPID™ (Rapid Antibody Portable Immunodetection) Screen, which can detect the presence of rabies in an animal saliva sample within 30 minutes, providing vital information much sooner than traditional testing methods. The screen allows veterinarians, animal control officers and other professionals to check for rabies in animals that are still alive, eliminating the long wait (10 to 14 days) and hefty price tag associated with typical post-mortem rabies testing.

“This test can reduce the number of animals destroyed and save doctors and animal control organizations from the costs associated with traditional testing,” said Dyne Immune CEO, Dr. V. James DeFranco, MD. “Most importantly, though, it enables them to screen for rabies and get an answer quickly — and that’s essential when it comes to preventing the infection from spreading.” Read more of the article.

6/2/09 Update:
After being contacted by a pet owner wanting to know where to find this test, I searched a bit further and found another article which references the company that makes the test. If anybody is in need of finding a location for the screening, they may be able to help. There is a link at the bottom of the article to the company website. Article: New Rabies Test

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