Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finding A City For A Move

I found a website for people who want to find a place to live that really fits them. You fill out a quiz about details of what you like or don't like, and you instantly get a tailored list of great places that fit your unique interests and lifestyle. Living in a place you love certainly makes a difference in emotional and physical health.

Be sure to check off that you do NOT want businesses or realtors to contact you and there's nothing but helpful information. You can save the quiz before finishing and you will also get a log-in and password so you can return to view and study later.

Even if you're not moving, it may give you some ideas for a vacation area that is suited to your interest.

It's interesting, fun and very helpful if you're looking to make a move and don't have a set town for a job or family. That's where we're at right now, so I've gotten a few new towns to consider. Go to Find Your to check it out.

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