Sunday, February 22, 2009

Buying A New Space Heater

I am looking to purchase two new electric heaters, to be used with timers, for my children's preschool. Do you have any suggestions?

Electric heaters are the safest kind, according to the Department of Energy, so you've made a good choice, especially since children are involved. Other types of heaters, such as kerosene or gas, pose greater fire risks and may expose a room's occupants to carbon monoxide and other combustion byproducts.

Before you select any model, read the Consumer Product Safety Commission's brochure What You Should Know About Space Heaters and check with school administrators to determine what type of space heater—if any—is permissible.

If electric space heaters are allowed, look for heaters with thermostats, so you have more control over the temperature. All electric heaters use a maximum of 1,500 watts and put out approximately 5,200 Btus, which means that they all operate at the same level of efficiency. Which type you choose depends on your lifestyle and the kind of heat you're looking for.

Read the information on different types.

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