Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Returning To La Selva And The Jungle

by Donna L. Watkins

© 2008 Donna L. Watkins - La Selva Rainforest Shack
As many of you know, I've been preparing for a trip to Costa Rica that God arranged, and the only thing I know about the details is that it's not going to be like last year's trip. I've not felt at liberty to plan details and orchestrate it all. I'm returning to a place I spent 19 days at last year after spending five weeks in San Jose, the capital city, for a Spanish immersion language school.

I'm skipping the city this year and going straight to La Selva Biological Station for three weeks of photographing and writing and being in a piece of heaven on earth. It stirs my passion to share more and more of God's Creation and the importance of preserving it.

When this posts I'll be on my way to Costa Rica. What differences will there be from last year's trip? I don't know but I'm certain God has something special and I'll be looking for it.

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