Monday, February 9, 2009

Disappointed Dropouts

by Donna L. Watkins

Life holds many disappointments. Depending on what level of expectations our mind sets itself upon, some of us have a lot of them. There are millions wandering around angry at God, having given up on Him, because He didn't answer their prayers or didn't come through in the way they expected.

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The definition of disappointment is:

"defeat or failure of expectation or hope; miscarriage of design or plan; frustration."

What makes one strong in leadership is that they can handle disappointments. They can see around them. Good leaders stay focused on the goal and keep moving forward.

Even if your not in a leadership role, you can be strong in handling life's disappointments ... especially when you have God as the Commanding General to direct you.

"Every adversity, every failure, every heartache carries with it the seed on an equal or greater benefit." — Napoleon Hill

Think about Moses. His life was full of disappointments from the time he killed an Egyptian and had to flee for his life. He was defending a fellow Hebrew, but things didn't work out the way he might have hoped. He spent 40 years in desert training. The world is so full of stuff and busyness that God has to take us to the deserts of life to get our attention.

He's faithful to keep trying to get our attention because we were born for a purpose and God wants to build us into that design so we will stay strong in the battles. We must grow up and become responsible for making our own lives what we want them to be, and to be an example to the next generation.

Back to Moses. While he was at a "summit meeting" with God, receiving the 10 Commandments, the people took no time to lose faith. This group of God's children has been called, "The First Church of the Critical and the Ungrateful," a congregation of former slaves, that had been delivered from bondage and abundantly blessed with miracles and provision from God.

This group was on the way to the "promised land" but were like dumb sheep. It seemed nobody took responsibility for themselves. They looked to Moses for everything, but have not a shred of gratitude. They continue to turn on Moses, blaming and accusing him for any expectation not fulfilled.

And now Moses is with God and Aaron is in charge. Moses had been gone too long according to the people and they wanted Aaron to make gods that would go before them. And so they did. Moses returns to find Israel in anarchy, idolatry and unspeakable perversion, and Aaron, Moses' requested co-leader is leading them in the rebellion. Not only have the people been a disappointment to Moses, but now Aaron is also.

What does Moses do with disappointment? The same as he did every time the people got to be too much for him. He goes to God seeking resolution and direction, but also prays for forgiveness for this rebellious people. Being continually berated for not fulfilling their expectations, Moses is often disappointed and hurt, but did he drop out? No, he went to God and any mention of quitting was not an option. He received new ideas and fresh direction to return to the work he was called to do.

This is what God-called men and women do when they're disappointed and feel like giving up. You can't let your mind wander off in a pity party. You will only end up in shreds doing that. Focusing on disappointment and things going wrong will only bring more of it into your life. It won't take long until you are no longer able to see any good in your life. You'll miss the blessings all around you.

You become one of the many "Disappointment Dropouts." Don't do it! We have disappointments in life and we have choices on how we will perceive them and manage them. We can give our lives over to them, or march on to the promised land. Come march with me! There's nothing that can hold us back when God is on our side. Look to Him, stay in His Word, listen to uplifting preaching and teaching, and move forward! I'll see you at the "Finish Line" where our Papa will say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."

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