Thursday, February 12, 2009

Go Green To Get Green

From ING Direct Newsletter, October 2008

ING offers $25 for opening an online saving or free checking account with a $250 deposit. That's an instant 10% earnings. Email me and I'll have a referral link sent to you for this promotion which must come from a current account holder. There's no general link to post for this opportunity.

Get the lint out – Save 5% on your electricity bill by making sure there’s no lint in your dryer lint trap before you hit the dry cycle.

Give it away instead of throwing it away – It’s called freecycling and it keeps landfills from loading up on things someone else could use (find or start a local group at

Pay your bills electronically – In addition to helping you become a prompt payer, which
will help your credit score, you’ll also be protecting yourself from identity thieves who peruse curbside mailboxes for personal information. And because you’ll be able to make payments later in your billing cycle, your money will have more time to earn interest.

Buy fresh instead of canned – If every U.S. household chose one pound of fresh fruit instead of jarred or canned for just three months, the total energy saved could operate the kitchen appliances of over 21,000 households for an entire year.

Source: ING Newsletter, October 2008

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