Thursday, June 1, 2006

Gray Tree Frogs On Deck

Our Gray Tree Frogs have been on the deck again this year in the planters that I line up on the rail for heritage petunias. They are so loud at night that we have to laugh.

There are two of them and they switch pots and corners to pop out of since the bottoms to the pots are designed to hold water with an opening on each corner to fill. They hang out of there and let me talk to them.

One day I was scrubbing them down trying to get the dirt and scale off of them. When I turned it around with one hanging out. He didn't budge while I cleaned. Just sat there hanging out watching me.

When they get to being romantic they huff and puff and sing loud love songs. As you can see he was singing away, but I didn't see any female in sight other than myself. Gee, does that mean I look like a frog?

Learn more about Gray Tree Frogs.

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