Thursday, March 1, 2007

Negative Heartworms After Herbal Program

Robin Sockness, who is a dear friend of mine, has been working with people for many years and has helped over a thousand pets with a natural alternative to heartworm programs and prevention. She shared this story with me and I wanted to share it with you. She is my hero working with these heartworm dogs and other pet problems. She stays so up-to-date on stuff, she's an inspiration to me.

Cassie Tests Negative For Heartworms"Cassie was diagnosed with a moderate case of heartworms during the Summer of 2006. She was 3-years old at the time and although she acted like a playful puppy she would appear to get short of breath after her walks. The vet wanted to get her on the conventional treatment right away, but agreed she wasn't the perfect candidate for this treatment as it would obviously be hard to keep her calm and confined so she suggested possibly keeping her on Benadryl during the program. This horrified me and I came home and started searching for an alternative solution. Thankfully I came across Bandit's website and immediately ordered Bandit's program, which she started July 23, 2006.

Cassie was 17-lbs at the time and I kept her to the program that Bandit had been on and changed her to a healthy diet. I also took her off the monthly Heartguard, however, when my husband heard of this he wanted to get her back on the Heartgard and insisted we take her to the vet to see if the heartworms had increased during the time she had been off the Heartguard. We went to the vet in November for the heartworm bloodtest and while waiting for the results I told the vet about the herbal formula I was using, she appeared to have heard about it, but quickly said it doesn't work. However, a moment later when she walked back in with the results, she announced that the test showed only a very slight positive! She told me to continue what I was doing, but to also put her back on the monthly Heartgard, which my husband insisted on doing.

We took Cassie back to the vet yesterday (January, 2007) for her yearly physical. The vet checked her out and then went on to another patient. Her assistant finally came in and said the vet was done and that I could leave, but I said I was still waiting on the result of the heartworm test, to which she said "Oh, it's negative, we would have come in and told you right away if it had been positive." I reiterated that Cassie had been diagnosed with heartworms and was she sure about the results. She confirmed she was. I couldn't believe that they were so nonchalant about the whole thing .. I wanted to throw a party and call everyone! I'm thinking about taking in another rescue dog that needs heartworm treatment and putting him/her on the program right away. Thanks, Robin, for your wonderful website!" Lorraine

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