Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Joyful Squirrel

Last year a special friend visited and brought me some cute little signs for the yard. One said, "Leap For Joy." A few days ago, I was watching the squirrels play outside and one of them took a liking to the sign, stood up and read it, and then considered whether or not to comply.

Take a moment, slow down, and enjoy the photo story of the joyful squirrel. Click the double arrows to the right to flow through the photos. Be sure to add your own comments or titles as you view. Subscribers love to read the variety of titles displayed and so do I.

What a gorgeous time it's been here on our little acre. I've been converting seeded flower beds into more perennial beds.

Life is too short to make everything difficult and I seem to have had a knack for doing things the hard way over the years. If you can relate to that at all, you will enjoy my article, Life Is Hard.

Take some time off, alone, just you and God. It's okay to get out there in Creation and enjoy it. After all, we were made to live in a garden and fellowship with God. Why do we fill our lives with so much other stuff?

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