Sunday, December 28, 2008

How Much Donated Money Helps Animals

From Pet Connection Blog by Gina Spadafori

Long ago, I decided that big charities of any sort are pretty much the same: They raise a lot of money to raise a lot more money to raise a lot more money, and relatively little of any of it goes to the programs and services those tear-jerking entreaties tell you about.

Big national animal-advocacy groups are among the worst offenders, based on a study by the Los Angeles Times looking at the money raised vs. the return:

Ever wonder where your donations go when you give to charity by mail or over the phone? On average, commercial fundraisers deliver just 46 cents of each donated dollar to the charity. While some charities enjoy much better success, ineffective fundraisers can eat up the majority of money raised.

Read the entire article.

Although this article focuses on California, there is reference to national organizations and you can search their database for information on organizations. This will help all of us animal-loving people to give where it will best be managed and use FOR the animals.

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