Sunday, June 14, 2009

Pets: Sarcoptic Mange

We love to hear success stories about pets getting health benefits from natural remedies. Here's a recent one somebody emailed me:

Sarcoptic Mange
I used Tea Tree Oil on my dog's sarcoptic mange because the vet couldn't fit him in for an appointment for a week. I canceled the vet appointment because the Tea Tree Oil cleared it beautifully! I cleaned the area and applied the oil with a dropper twice a day. This stuff is great! My dog thanks you! J.K.

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Re:  Essential Oils such as Tea Tree Oil - There is a lot of information and current research instructing NOT to use essential oils on pets since they are so potent and people can easily overdose if they have 100% pure oils. Be sure to read the warnings about essential oil use in pets at these resources:

Pet Poison Help Line
Ask the Expert - Poison Control

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Robin Sockness said...

I'd recommend diluting Tea Tree Oil before applying to a's much too strong for their sensitive skin. Diluting it in Aloe, a carrier oil or even putting in your pet's favorite shampoo when bathing.

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