Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Way Out of Plastic Bottle Addiction

When many of us were kids, there was no such term as tap water; it was simply known as water. We drank it when we were thirsty, we drank it with meals, we used it to make ice, we cooked our food with it, we made other drinks (such as iced tea) with it, and much more, without a second thought.

Then things began to change. “The first bottled water came out in the late seventies,” Mason Gentry, founder of Faucet Face, told Organic Connections. “It was kind of a laughing stock back then, like why would you pay for water when it comes out of your faucet? But the early nineties came around and extreme sports became popular....”

Popular is an understatement. By observation, the two required accessories for venturing out nowadays are a cell phone and a plastic water bottle. We are simply addicted to disposable plastic containers. Fifteen hundred (1500) plastic water bottles are consumed in the US every second. Read the entire article.

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