Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What Do You See In This Picture?

From Donna L. Watkins
Artist Unknown

My friend, Rainbow, sent me this picture of Jesus that seemed very unusual to me, asking what I saw in the picture.  I responded and she sent me what her thoughts had been.  She had also received comments from another friend.  It was interesting how very different all three responses were.

So I decided to send it to a couple of friends to see what their thoughts were, and again different things were being seen in the same photo.  It really intrigued me and I wanted more responses, so I am posting the picture here so you can submit your thoughts anonymously.

The link below will take you directly to the comment form so you won't be influenced by other responses.  You can respond as Anonymous or choose another available option.

I guess we could call this an Art Appreciation assignment.  I can't wait to read your responses and I will remind you in the next newsletter to check back and view what others have written.  Submit your comment now!


Anonymous said...

Because I wrote the Billy Frog book I saw the 'frog' in the middle as a sacred message to me (Frog 'fully rely on God' or For Reality Of God), and Jesus' face blended into nature as a HUGE part of our natural surroundings. As a child I always drew people from the back with long flowing hair and it's how I'd always wanted to 'look' so, I saw that as myself, looking directly at God in Nature. The butterflies representing male and female BALANCE (blue and pink butterflies). And in the right side of Jesus' face the light looking like a heart/love and SPIRIT of our Creator. Anyway, that is the gist of what I saw. I just thought Jesus looked KNOWING and hoping we humans would 'get it.'

sharingsunshine said...

I instantly thought it as very different from other Jesus pictures. First I thought, "wonder if Jesus had a mustache?" It seemed to jump out at me more than others, but still an odd first thought. Then I saw the little "impish" thing in the background and thought it made God look soooo big while the devil is so impish/tiny. And the butterflies signifying our choice for a metamorphosis in Him ... because it seemed there was a lot of darkness in the picture and the girl being dressed in black also and the plants being blackish. Really noticed that His eyes weren't full of love, but more of concern, wondering whether she would choose Him or continue to walk in darkness.

Anonymous said...

The Lord is watching with concern on His face, sadness in His eyes, as a young lady is walking in the darkness of the woods into the light towards water. Is this young lady turning to the Lord with her anguish? He wants her to. She isn't, and He has concern as well as sadness that she isn't thinking of Him but thinking of herself. Does she want to end her life? Maybe. The Lord is waiting for her to turn to Him, trusting in Him and hoping she will. He is there for her at all times and wishes she realized it. There is no problem too big for the Lord. She doesn't realize it. He is heart broken. E.A.

Creative Art Expressions said...

I also see a girl looking at the face of God...... with trees and butterflies, sparkles in the sky, flowers, but then there is a tiny thing that looks like a frog out of place under God’s chin so it seems there is another hidden picture that I haven’t found within it. I notice that only the butterflies are in color and the girl’s hair looks blond rather than black or white, so seems its in color as well. I would prefer the picture to be in color, so it just looks dreary to me except that it has the face of God and colorful butterflies. Also, it looks like the stars or lights in the sky make the face of a donkey. I always picture faces in the sky as God the Father instead of Jesus for some reason. I just see the girl as walking with God being there with her. Like the verse “Even if I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, you are with me.”

Redlesnave said...

How do you know the face in the picture is, indeed, that of Jesus? Judging from the girl's attire, she could very well be Lady Marianne and he Robin Hood in Sherwood Forest. Seeing that she is not dressed in 30 A.D. clothes, nor in contemporary fashion (either of which would make the image atemporal) should we not understand that she belongs to the period indicated by her dress and, therefore, restrict the timelessness that we associate with Jesus to that time span?

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