Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Not All Beetles Are Bad: Beneficial Garden Bugs

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Assassin Bug From Our Garden
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Not all beetles have such fanciful names as fireflies and ladybugs. But many of them have something more important in common: They’re good bugs for your garden.

Coleoptera, more commonly known as beetles, is the most diverse insect order, with more than 350,000 species, 24,000 in North America alone. So there’s a pretty good chance that you’re going to encounter beetles in your garden.

While it’s true that some beetles are pests (Japanese beetles come to mind - see below), many more are a boon to gardeners, pollinating plants, preying on pests or helping to compost decaying plant and animal material.

Remember that if you use toxic pesticides, you often kill off all the good bugs for your garden, including beetles. I always say that instead of using chemicals, it’s better to have a diversely planted garden that provides lots of habitat for hardworking beetles and other garden bug pollinators and predators.

This article shows some of the most common beneficial beetles in the garden. If you see one of these, let it be! Read the entire article.

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