Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Natural Grocers Bans Confinement Dairy Products

Photo Credit:  Donna L. Watkins
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Scene From Lancaster County, PA
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The consumption of certain products can contain inherent ethical conundrums -- and those are the sorts of conundrums that cause outright hostility between, say, vegans and carnivores. What you eat is part of the issue, but another equally important component is how that food product was created and, perhaps, how the animal involved in creating it was treated.

"How our food is produced has always been a concern of ours," says Heather Isley, vice president of Natural Grocers by Vitamin Cottage, which recently banned all confinement dairy products from its shelves.

The new corporate guidelines require that milk ingredients in any products are sourced from dairies that provide their cows access to pasture and a natural diet of grass and forage -- and those dairies also may not use non-therapeutic antibiotics, hormone treatments, growth-promoting materials or feed containing animal byproducts.   Read the entire good news article.

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