Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Benefits Of The Black Gum Tree

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Our View of Black Gum Trees at Breakfast Area
© Donna L. Watkins
by Karyl Seppala

Black Gum (Nyssa sylvatica, aka Black Tupelo) – There is not much to complain about it as a shade tree – it’s a beautiful addition to a wildlife garden, low maintenance and works well in an ornamental landscape. They have proven themselves to be hardy, tolerant of different soils, sun and water and all around easy to have on my property.

If watered well when young it can develop a deep root system that can be useful as erosion control for slopes and banks.  As an ornamental choice, Black Gum works well by providing beautiful foliage spring through fall.

In the spring the new growth is red tipped so the entire tree has an outer layer of color, adding a bright, interesting spot in a landscape. The autumn color is simply WOW. Bright yellows to reds will light up a landscape. This is when Black Gum shines the most – it is a stunner.  Read the entire article.

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