Monday, September 8, 2014

Duckweed - There Are Some Benefits

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Green Frog Swimming in Duckweed
By Carole Sevilla Brown

Duckweed reproduces quite quickly, and provides shelter for fish and other aquatic organisms. While some Duckweed is a very good thing to provide food and shelter for the wildlife in your pond, if it covers the entire surface it will prevent oxygen from getting to other plants and wildlife, so if you have too much Duckweed you’ll want to scoop some out of your wildlife pond and add it to your compost pile.

Duckweed is high in nutrients and thus is an excellent source of food for many different species of wildlife. Not surprisingly, many ducks eat Duckweed (hence its name). But Duckweed is also eaten by turtles, fish, beaver, and many insects. Read the entire article for more beneficial tips.

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