Friday, June 5, 2015

It Gets Messy When You Mess With Things

From Charlie and Jill LeBlanc

Charlie and Jill LeBlanc
Joyful Word Ministries

Last year we decided it was time to replace our old kitchen floor so we could sell the house. It seemed like a fairly reasonable task, especially since a carpenter/friend of mine offered to help ....

After a few hours, I could see this project was a lot bigger than I imagined. Isn't that usually the case? The dust and the debris was overwhelming, at least for me -- a singer/song-writer kind of guy. :-} There were times I just wanted to stop and times I questioned why I even started ~ Then I realized,

"When you mess with things, things get messy."

It's that way in our lives too. Most of us don't want to be messed with, because when we do, it just gets messy, which means a lot of work. Whether it's our attitude, our marriage, our weight, our job, our relationships, our health, whatever it may be. We just don't want to be messed with.

It's easier sometimes to simply leave things as they are. True. BUT . . .

We then end up settling for situations that aren't God's intention, and start complaining because nothing is improving.  Read the entire article.

Note:  We ordered their Simply Worship CD and have absolutely been enchanted by it for weeks.  The lyrics are also available to download free so it's easy to have your own worship and praise session every day!  My favorite song on the album is "Come Unto Me." If you're having any heavy burdens ... this song's for you!

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