Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Where Is Your Faith Focused?

by Clint Byars, Forward Ministries

Clint Byars
Depending on your background faith may be what you do to please God. Faith may be what you think you have to get more of to get blessings from God. Maybe for you faith is what you have to be good at to get healed.

In the most subtle sense, our faith is too often focused on ourselves rather than Jesus. You see, to experience God, you don’t have to “get your faith to work,” you have to trust that God wants to be experienced. And if God wants to be experienced he’ll make himself available.

Faith is not what we do, faith is how we respond.

Faith is not expressed by getting kingdom promises to work, it’s trusting that they work.

Do you see the difference?

The spirit of God is seeking to establish the kingdom in your life, is your faith confident in him or in your own ability to experience what God has for you?

Believing for wisdom, provision or healing is not an exercise for our faith, it’s an acknowledgement of what Jesus has done. Experiencing the kingdom or God’s presence isn’t discovered through operating our faith, experiencing God is the result of having faith that God can be experienced.

Faith trusts and accepts that God is at work, that he has blessings and promises for us and that he will come through for us rather than trying to figure out how to get him to do so.

Faith is about acknowledging that the kingdom works, not how to get it to work.

If you understand that God is for you and all of his promises are yes, your faith can rest in the fact that God’s spirit is moving to establish those promises in your life rather than trying to figure out how to use your faith to get God to move.

We are complete in Jesus and lack nothing. The deception creeps in when we look to the physical realm to judge whether or not God has been faithful to us. The better question is, “is God faithful to Jesus?” If the answer is yes then we can ask “is Jesus in me?” If that answer is yes then faith is in God’s faithfulness rather than our ability to get a blessing from God.

For some of you this sounds like talking in circles but some of you are picking up on the subtle difference in the focus of your faith.

You can rest easy and trust that God is for you. You can not be ashamed and be confident in the fact that God loves you. You can let go of fear and experience God’s faithfulness.

Click link to listen to a full length message titled The Heart of Faith in which I expound on these ideas.

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