Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The Holy Spirit Is a Better Teacher Than the Law

by Clint Byars, Forward Ministries

I get confused when I talk to some Christians about the Old Covenant Law and works. It's as if as soon as you bring up the Law the conversation drifts toward works. It's almost like some Christians don't know that the Law was for a 1500 year period of time before the Holy Spirit was given.

It's almost as if some Christians think that God still relates to us based on our works rather than based on the indwelling of His spirit. It's almost as if some Christians think that saying we're no longer under the Law means our actions are of no consequence. Hmmm, go figure ;-)

Of course our actions matter now but they don't affect our right standing with God. Righteousness is a spiritual condition that doesn't come through keeping laws. The OC Law was never meant for righteousness because again, keeping laws doesn't give you spiritual life. works matter now? Of course, but why bring up the Law when we start talking about works? Do you see where I'm going? The Law is fulfilled and had its place. If you'd like to discuss Christian behavior, that's another subject all together.

I believe the Holy Spirit is a much better teacher than external laws. Believers are under the influence of God's inner presence that is ever present and leads us according to His truth and life. By the way, the Holy Spirit will never violate any of His previously revealed morality and justice.

Our deeds and works will be tried at the final judgment but that's not for righteousness, that's for reward. Even unbeliever's works are not judged for righteousness. The righteousness issue is settled. One must understand that it's settled when taking the conversation to how we're to live as believers. The Holy Spirit has the power, whereas the Law did not, to empower us to live worthy of the holiness and righteousness we've been given in Christ. But the Holy Spirit doesn't empower you to keep the Law, He empowers you to have life and that more abundantly.

Now that the Spirit of God has been given, let's teach people to look to Him for guidance rather than rules than only reveal sin. Let's inspire people to trust God because when they do their hearts will be open to Him and they will be infused with a power that is not their own.

I pray that when you mess up, you don't wonder if you've lost position with God. I pray that the next time you mess up you rest easy knowing you're forgiven and God still loves you. And I pray the next time you mess up you make the decision that you don't want that behavior in your life anymore and you turn to God for grace to overcome those destructive behaviors.

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