Monday, February 8, 2016

We Can Transform Our Lives

It's Time To Get Rid of Your Stuff
By Clint Byars

We all need to make changes, we all want to make changes but unfortunately, too many of us have settled for our current struggles and emotional issues. But I have good news, you can change!

Each and every believer in Christ has become a new creature. We have been given a new heart, God has placed his spirit within us, he has translated us into his kingdom, he has sanctified and made us holy through the offering of the body and blood of Christ, he has made us joint-heirs with Jesus, he has raised us to a place of authority with Christ, he has hidden us with Christ in himself, and the list goes on...

Because of these truths we are spiritually complete. Now, the path for each believer is transformation. Transformation happens when we live from our spiritual identity in Christ in any given area.    

Read the entire article and/or watch the video.

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