Saturday, October 22, 2016

The Critical Importance of Digestive Enzymes

The Critical Importance of Digestive Enzymes in Health
by Steven Horne

As I wrote in an article I recently updated at, the one supplement I can't seem to do without is enzymes. I'm very inconsistent with what I take and shift products around constantly. But, when I stop taking my digestive enzymes, it always adversely affects my health. It's probably because I have tended to have digestive problems since I was a child.

Digestion is critical to good health, not just for me, but for everyone. If you can't properly digest your food, you can't get the nutrients out of it your body needs and a cascade of ill effects begins. That's why, over and over again, I find poor digestion to be a major root cause of chronic illness.

To learn more about this topic, watch my Herbal Hour video, Enzymes: The Spark Plugs of Life and read my article, Enzymes: The Most Important Supplement I Take. Both are featured on the home page.

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