Tuesday, December 7, 2004

Allergies, Chemicals & Immune System

by Donna L. Watkins
Originally Published in A Healing Moment

There are layers to peel away as you walk your way to good health. As I read and reread the book, A More Excellent Way, and other related books, I realize that there is so much that God wants for us in many areas of life....and we walk by the gifts thinking they are not for us. Within us is the power to be who God designed us to be, but the enemy is always trying to convince us that we're nothing. Too often we listen to the wrong voice.

As I've been working on allergies and the layers and Biblical truths that relate to them, I've renewed my mind with some new tapes. You know how when you really grab a Truth, you kinda grab hold of God's hand with it and His power sinks it into your heart and soul and it becomes a part of you. Without that you can read and read something and it just not make any sense or have any 'guts' to it.

One of which is that God didn't create us to live in the world He placed us in. In our own generation. I've often thought how great it would be to live in earlier times when the world wasn't so full of environmental catastrophes that challenge our immune systems so greatly. I didn't realize that I was not believing that God placed me in this moment in time because that's where He decided I should be and made all things around me as they should be for me.....for His purpose in me. I realized that believing or wishing otherwise made me very ungrateful for being born when I was.... and it also, somewhere deep inside, made me think that God didn't love me as much as somebody that wasn't born at a time with so much pollution and trauma to the earth.

Let's take the topic of allergies! If God chose our point in time to enter this world before the foundation of it.....then perhaps we think He's a cruel God to choose a time when the world would be polluted and our immune systems wouldn't be able to handle it? God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow......are we really much worse off today? YES! the Earth is in a bad state of health, but has He give us provision for our bodies to adapt to it? Much like the bugs have adapted to the chemicals? You gotta admit that there are still healthy people around the world and if it's the chemicals that are killing us and making us sick....then why isn't everybody sick? Is it something within each of us "sick" people that makes us that way....rather than the environment around us?

Are our immune systems challenged not by what they were created to fight off, but by our own thought patterns? So many people are almost paranoid about germs. My generation grew up with the Mr. Clean commercials. It built within us a type of fear of germs. Fear will destroy our immune system, germs won't. We were meant to fight off germs, but how does fear consume our immune system functions? Does the anxiety about dirt (or about other's seeing our dirt, for some) weaken the immune system enough so that it cannot handle what it was designed to do?

God placed us in this generation at this point in the environment and I refuse to believe He loves me less than somebody centuries ago when the chemicals were nil. If the bugs have adapted, we probably have too. My belief is that our weak leak is not the chemicals or germs but the fear, stress, and anxiety that we accept as commonplace daily living...and that weakens the immune system that was designed to handle the environment around us.

It is certainly a different focus to have. With this new focus we can get busy working with ourselves to change the inside environment so that we can be healthy. A book that I've found to help determine the wrong emotions with individual health problems, and to encourage me on this journey is "A More Excellent Way" by Pastor Henry Wright.

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