Thursday, April 7, 2005

Keeping The Connection

by Donna L. Watkins

There are so many promises in the Bible and most of them are Scriptures we've heard again and again. People who live by the tram tracks may not being able to tell you if the tram passed by in the last half hour, unless they have the schedule memorized. Their brain is so used to it, they don't really hear it as noise any more.

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If you're a city person, have you ever slept out in the country and had a hard time going to sleep because of all the "noise" outside from the frogs, crickets, locusts, etc? It seems like the outside is screaming and if you're not used to it, it can be too much noise to go to sleep.

Yet those who have lived in the country don't seem to notice it. It's just part of the night. They sleep better because of it. If they visited you, by the tram tracks, in the city, they would have a hard time adjusting.

We have to make sure our ears do not become dull to God's Word. We have to take it, trust it, believe in it and apply it to our lives no matter how many times we've heard it.

When we have a problem we may have people give us Scriptures to help us through the difficulty and many times, their words just remind us that we've heard that Word before. It's like we are looking for something new and different. An easier answer! But it all goes back to trusting and believing. Consider these words from a recent devotional I read:

From "Days of Heaven Upon Earth"

There is a natural law in sin and sickness; and if we just let ourselves go and sink into the trend of circumstances, we shall go down and sink under the power of the tempter. But there is another law of spiritual life and of physical life in Christ Jesus to which we can rise, and through which we can counterpoise and overcome the other law that bears us down.

But to do this requires real spiritual energy and fixed purpose and a settled posture and habit of faith. It is just the same as when we use the power in a factory. We must turn on the belt and keep it on. The power is there, but we must keep the connection; and while we do so, the higher power will work and all the machinery will be in operation.

There is a spiritual law of choosing, believing, abiding, and holding steady in our walk with God, which is essential to the working of the Holy Ghost either in our sanctification or healing.
-- Days of Heaven Upon Earth

Study these words and instill them into your mind so that you can stay connected and stay strong in faith for what God has already said you have.

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