Saturday, May 7, 2005

The Creator's Manual

by Donna L. Watkins
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 Do you take the Bible literally? Do you really believe it is the Word of God, that God has protected His Word over the years to say and mean exactly what He desired it to be?

If we can't rely on God's Word as Truth, then we have taken away its ability to give us strength and power and to be our foundation for life's direction.

Many are asking what life is all about. There are many different definitions of what living a good life means. We as Christians need to know that God leads and directs through His Word that is everlasting and true. 

 Recently, I read about a great scientist, Matthew F. Maury (1806-1873). From an early age he was fascinated with the mysteries of the ocean, and equally captivated by the Holy Scriptures. His pursuit of oceanography was inspired from enlightenment he received in the Bible.

As a young man he read Psalm 8:8 that there are "paths in the seas." He said: "There is a river in the sea. In the severest droughts it never fails, and in the mightiest floods it never overflows. Its banks and its bottom are of cold water, while its current is of warm. The Gulf of Mexico is its fountain, and its mouth is in the Arctic Seas."

Through exhaustive study of the trade winds, ocean currents, and mapping elevation of the ocean floor, he defined the Gulf Stream!

Maury published Physical Geography of the Sea in 1855, and it earned him the title of Founder of Oceanography. He established a new science. The textbook was remarkable because of his insistence on accepting the literal words of the Bible in guiding his study of the ocean.

He was asked by the Atlantic Cable Company to chart the ocean floor for the best route for the trans-Atlantic telegraphic cable. He was given the title" Pathfinder of the Seas," and rose to the rank of Commander. His charts and instruments are held at the Naval Academy in Annapolis, where Maury Hall is named in his honor.

Virginia celebrates his birthday as a school holiday. He was elected to the Hall of Fame for Great Americans in 1930. On his tombstone at the U.S. Naval Academy is inscribed:
Matthew F. Maury
Paths in the Sea
Psalm 8:8

How much time are you spending in His Word? Do you feel lost and confused about life's direction and purpose for you? The answers are in our Creator's Manual. Read it!

"Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path." (Psalm 119:105)

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