Saturday, April 1, 2006

Come For Tea In Virginia

We had some really nice weather this week so I took advantage of it in the garden. I have big dreams and plans for Bluebird Cove, our little acre here in Virginia. Adding new habitats and plants to feed wildlife is such fun and it certainly entertains my thoughts and motivates me to begin each day very early.

I'm working on an herbal program for rheumatoid arthritis based on the root cause being an infection (mycoplasmas), so some days are more difficult than others, but the joy of my imagination of how it will be keeps me moving along on the list of things to be done. The pace is no longer as important as it used to be ... it's just about doing it and enjoying it.

I told my husband, Randal, that nothing delights my heart more than for him to work with me on the landscaping and habitat for the birds and critters. Somebody else can have all the diamonds, mansions, fancy cars and shopping excursions. I'll just take a co-gardener to enjoy the passion of tending to God's Creation.

I wasn't always this way. At one time all the other things were important to me. My life has changed for the better because of health challenges and I am so grateful for the difficult circumstances of life that mold us and shape us into more of who we truly want to be, but never take the time to become without being pressed into it.

That doesn't mean I believe I have to keep this disease to be a better person. Nope! Just using it as a stepping stone.

I'll be enjoying tea on the porch waiting for you to let me know you'll be coming by. In the meantime, please share this newsletter with others interested in the wonders of nature and our own nature! Maybe one of them will be coming through our area of Virginia and will schedule some time for tea with me.

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