Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Tormenting Unbelief

by Donna L. Watkins

© 2006 Donna L. Watkins - Squeek aka Kitty Girl

A couple months ago our kitty got very sick very quickly. One evening she was fine and the next her one eye was totally dilated, and by early morning, she was lying in a corner facing a wall and burning up with fever. We wrapped her in a wet towel to lower the temperature and prayed. The vet diagnosed her with FIV, the feline version of AIDS. With her temperature so high and the symptoms presented, the vet didn’t think she’d make it a week.

We had lost our other cat less than a year before and this one was so energetic and healthy, we consoled ourselves in having her to enjoy for many years. Now we were presented with the vet’s prognosis and the opposing promises of God. Which would we choose? Research shows the power of that professionally spoken word. Those who go home believing it and put their things in order ready to die, generally die. Those who choose not to believe it but make the utmost attempt at all they can do to make themselves healthy are shown to have high statistics of living.

We had a choice to make. We prayed and fasted and we did all we knew to do for her with our knowledge of physiology and natural health principles. We used the antibiotics since the dilated and bulging eye with pressure close to a glaucoma reading was of great concern and was possibly from a bacterial infection. We have never taken antibiotics for ourselves or our child, but this cat was so weak and full of mucus that when I gave her a small dropper of water she gurgled trying to get it down. There was no way to get enough herbs in her to make the turn-around quick enough, so we used drugs along with the herbs. There is a place for modern medicine, but it’s certainly not where it is today.

She ate or drank nothing other than what I put down in droppers for four days and then she began taking a bit by herself. A week after diagnosis she was back to eating and drinking on her own.

The agonizing torment of the whole incident was the battle of what we were going to believe. The Bible is full of promises, but it doesn’t take much time for us to know, as we read the promises we want to be evident in our lives, that we do not believe them to be true for us. You have to look far and wide to find somebody living and believing in God’s promises. Research shows there’s not much difference in lifestyles between Christians and non-Christians these days.

Yet, you read over and over again that we must BELIEVE to make them our own. Jesus said, “Only believe.” Only! Like “that’s all there is to it?” It’s the only thing you can’t DO. It’s one of those BEING things. I’m such a doer. I want a method and list of tasks and I’ll get the job done, but believing! Oh my! That’s a ‘being’ thing. It comes from within and takes a lot of time in God’s Word, not doing.

I see so clearly how the devil deceived Eve coming against the knowledge she had with questions and twisting accusations against God. He’s still at it today. He can’t take us to Hell, but he sure can make life on Earth hell for us if we allow him to control our thoughts.

Smith Wigglesworth says, “The Master does not want us to reason things out, for carnal reasoning will always land us in a bog of unbelief.” Oh, what torment for those of us who have minds that continually reason. Quick thinking is not always a blessing. My husband is a slow thinker, which is why he is so good at fixing things. He can hang in there focused until the most complicated job is done ... and he can counsel with somebody with the utmost patience eons after my mind is dizzy with just a tip of the person’s issues. He’s my solid rock on earth to show me how solid the Rock is that my salvation stands on. If I believe Jesus saves me, then why not take the whole package?

We have too many opinions from church training, books, tapes and television. Smith Wigglesworth when asked why he didn’t read newspapers and books said, “Why do I want to read partial truth when I can have the whole Truth?” Dig in and find the treasure for yourself. Know that you KNOW (BELIEVE) what the Word says.

All His Words are Spirit and Life (John 6:63), and you will find your faith in them if you diligently stay in the Word. You will be able to BELIEVE, but you will have to take thoughts captive that are not based on Truth. Don’t be deceived like Eve. You can choose belief and although it seems harder than you can bear, the only other choice is drowning in sorrow and grief. If you can’t believe anything else begin with trust. Trust Him with your daily life as you have your eternal life. Just say over and over again that you trust Him - for wisdom, for belief, for healing, for direction, for finances. He is for you not against you.

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