Friday, May 5, 2006

What Does 'Father' Mean to You?

by Donna L. Watkins

I had a Dad that wanted to give me the world. I can't remember in my whole life many times that he said "no" to me, and discipline was far from him. He just couldn't do it, so my mother had to.

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Although that sounds pretty lovely for those who had abusive fathers, it has its downside also. I have a tendency to see God as somebody who should make things happen based upon my wants or prayers. I have had a tendency to expect God to fix it all. My earthly father always did.

It certainly didn't take long for me to realize that God was a better father than my earthly one since He could see the entire picture of my life and had created it, so He wasn't going to be side-tracked by giving into my near-sighted requests. Praise the Lord!

This warped view of love without discipline and denial of requests also gave me the attitude that God was supposed to do it all. When I was confronted with books or articles or counsel that put any responsibility on me, I was quite offended that somebody wanted me to believe that God wasn't going to fix things for me.

I'm now in my 50's and since one of my continual requests has been to never stop growing in the Lord (one that He will always honor), I've come to realize that God has already done His part in making things happen for me. He sent His only Son to die so that I would have power over the Enemy and Evil in this world. He gave me free will so I could choose to serve Him. I could choose to be victorious or I could choose defeat by not even picking up my shield of Faith.

His Word is all we need to defeat life's evil and bad circumstances. He says we can have peace and joy no matter what. If we believe that we will move on with our lives and walk in the Truth. What we believe truly directs our life's path. There's a principle of energy out there like the principle of gravity. If you drop something, it goes down. Belief is an energy and it is powerful! The world uses it in motivational techniques and it works because it's true.

We have the power to choose between good and evil and we choose what we believe by what we choose to dwell on with our thoughts. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon against the enemy. It closes many doorways he has access to in our minds. We don't have to follow in the same ruts and patterns of our genetic heritage. We are a new creation!

Choose today to put on that armor and leave self-pity behind. It is an evil power, an entity, and it desires to destroy you.

You Have Power Greater Than The Enemy!

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