Monday, February 12, 2007

Driving With Cats

I've never had a cat that liked riding in the car. I've seen them in cars laying on the back window like they were sunning on the porch. My cats, whether in a carrier or out, must think like men do when they hit the shower. Their voice gets several decimals louder and they vocalize sounds which we call "singing."

There's not much that sets me on edge more than to have a cat wailing on the way to the vet or during a move or flight home. I simply can't concentrate to drive. Many years ago I learned to handle this with an herbal formula, Stress-J, which has calming herbs and in a liquid or capsule. Some pets need a bit more of a knockout and we've seen many do well with Valerian.

Awhile back I had a stray cat that I wanted to neuter and he didn't come around every day, so I had to make the vet appointment and hope that I would have him to go. In the scurry of it all, I forgot I was out of Stress-J , so I decided to use Lavender Essential Oil. It sure works to calm me down. I rubbed some in my hands and headed for the car.

My husband was driving and I was in the back seat with the cat who was already "singing." I opened the cat carrier just enough to let the cat put his head in my hands. In less than a minute he was calm. He just nuzzled into my hands and laid still. I couldn't believe it! He was calm even through the process of checking him in at the vet.

When I went to pick him up the next day they brought him out singing loudly and rather agitated to be in the carrier. I paid the bill quickly and took him out to the car realizing I'd forgotten the Lavender. I get so emotional about stray cats, but I always carry Peppermint Essential Oil in my purse since it has so many uses.

I'd read about a vet putting it on the paws of animals feet to calm them for examination or for thunder phobia. I got the Peppermint Essential Oil from my purse and rubbed some between my palms to do the same thing on the way home. The Peppermint did it! It was so nice to have such a simple easily accessible solution.

Note: Essential Oils may be a problem for cats.

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