Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Totally Forgiven - Is That How You Think Of Yourself?

by Donna L. Watkins

Have you taken time lately to think about what you think of yourself? What do you tell yourself all day?

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Anza-Borrego Springs Desert State Park
Like the Greater Roadrunner below at Anza-Borrego Desert State Park, do you just keep running away from your thoughts? You aren't really going anywhere. Thoughts and beliefs will not go away by stuffing them. Renew!

I am a totally forgiven, fully accepted, deeply loved and daily empowered child of God.

Do you think that way? Is this sentence indicative of the way you walk through each day? Do you describe yourself like this? Do you see other Christians like this? If you saw yourself this way, you would be able to see people through love's eyes. If we absorb and know deep in our heart how much God loves us and what His work on the Cross has done for us and what it has made us, we would be able to love others so naturally that we would draw every one around us to Christ.

Instead most of us battle our own day-to-day issues feeling as though we barely stay above water ourselves, without much thought as to how we can bring others into the Kingdom. Yet, this is what we've been commanded to do. The devil can't take your salvation away, but he can sure make you very ineffective as a disciple of Christ.

We need faith in our daily walk. We need our time each day with the Lord to recharge and refill the empty spots that the previous day dug out of us. You have to get enough Word in you to take on the day by force against the powers of darkness. We need to believe and apply the Truths that we are told through God's Word. Simply put, faith is acting as if God is telling the truth in the Bible. Take it and believe it. Don't let the dark doubts invade, inhabit and take over your soul.

Steve Farrar writes, "I need to be reminded of what is true. God's Word gives me a dose of reality. My morning briefing in the Word gives me a perspective that I don't get in the world I need God's commentary on my life every day. A Christian in this society is swimming upstream. Without the constant nutrition of the Word, he will soon tire and be dragged off by the sheer force of the current."

Many people feel condemned when they read the Bible. They seem to find things that stir up thoughts of guilt and not measuring up, but that's not who God is. If you are under the blood of Jesus, you've accepted Christ as your Savior, then God sees you as His child, on your good and bad days. But across it all He sees you with Love! Yes, we need to continue to grow in character and love, but we won't get there if we're always trying to "do better" in our own strength.

Rather than spending time and energy trying to change, we need to concentrate on being filled with God's Spirit. Focus on His love, forgiveness and acceptance and you will be able to love yourself and love others. His love will change your character and actions. You will be filled with His power to overcome any faults and weaknesses you have. You will feel totally forgiven, fully accepted, deeply loved and daily empowered if you meditate on God's Word. We cannot do it on our own strength and were never meant to. Humanly it is impossible to make it through each day with flying colors. The world offers too many stumbling blocks and too many opportunities for anger, disappointment, and depression.

Memorize Scripture. Hide it in your heart like David did so he would not sin against God. When we doubt that God is good, we are following the thoughts the Enemy gives us. It was what he told Eve in the Garden of Eden. All he had to do was make Eve doubt that God was good and it was a downhill slide from there. We can't look at the world around us and the evil that the Devil spreads and have thoughts that God doesn't care about our daily happenings. We can't question why His providential will allows it all .... because we cannot see the good that is going to come out of it for us. We want control and when we don't get things our way, we let go of God's hand in rebellion and disbelief.

Turn around and take God's hand again. He's the only hope for survival. Without Him it is all insanity. We have got to trust that God has our best at heart. Just as we do for our children when they can't see it. Jeremiah 29:11 says, "For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." We have free will and we can kick and scream the whole way not allowing or trusting God to manage our lives for the best outcome. It's a bumpy and bleak road, so why not take the highway to peace and joy within. Choose God's way. Memorize His Word about you and trust Him in every situation. Forgive Him for what you've been accusing Him of.

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