Sunday, April 15, 2007

Thief! Eastern Gray Squirrel

We're in a community where deer eat a lot of the landscaping until you learn what they will leave alone. But we are discovering that the deer aren't the only nibblers. I'm sure they get blamed for the damage that the squirrels inflect.

This year we've seen squirrels eating our holly leaves and took almost all of the leaves from our viburnums. A neighbor has had them eat magnolia flower buds and they will compete for any type of food you put out for the birds also.

I took a few funny photos last week of a squirrel on our front porch that had removed a rather large ceramic snail from a large pot. He got it to the ground and continued to try to keep it in his mouth so he could carry it away. Now where do you think he was going to take that snail?

They are comical little things, but they've been chewing up our plastic pots for years and that's one annoying habit I wish we could get stopped. I've thought about putting out calcium for them to eat since that works for dogs that chew and babies who teeth. We've used it for our son while teething and to stop my dad's German Shepherd from chewing.

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