Tuesday, April 10, 2007

This Is My Doing

by Donna L. Watkins

My belief is that we Christians struggle against ourselves more than the devil himself. We hold a high standard, which is good, but it can be produce a lot of self-condemnation.

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In I Kings 12:24 God directs the King of Judah not to go against the Israelites in battle, and He says, "This is my doing."

We have to realize that every day's events are allowed by God. For whatever reason, God is allowing the circumstances of today. That will make some angry and many would disagree with me that God doesn't allow any evil, it's all the devil. But then I have to ask, "So the devil is more powerful than God?"

He had to ask permission to torment Job. I believe he still has to ask permission. So we are back to God allowing things into our lives because He loves us. That's where we have the problem. We don't see bad circumstances as being love. We've seen too many movies and commercials and have come to believe too much in the American Dream ... that we can truly have it all.

Parents know that children don't need it "all" in any avenue of life. Our Heavenly Father is all-knowing, so He does know what's best for us. We are human and finite so we do not see the whole picture and honestly do not know what is best for us.

It comes back to trusting God, doesn't it? Are we willing to do that?

God knows what you are dealing with and in His love He is there for you. When you are surrounded by people who don't seem to care, This Is His Doing. Have you prayed for compassion? How will you gain it if you don't know loneliness and sorrow?

Have you asked for humility? He knows the school you need to acquire it.

Have you asked to get out of debt? It's usually not an issue of having more money, but of learning how to live with what you earn. If what you earn truly does not cover the needs you have, then you will have a powerful motivation to pray and seek direction on where God's provision lies. Credit cards and debt does not motivate. It provides a hopeless feeling like being in a pit that you cannot climb out of.

When death separates us from somebody we love we think it is not fair, but if we have lived much time on this earth, we would certainly not wish them to give up Heaven just for us. We must grieve and move on knowing they are watching over us. We are "surrounded by a great cloud of witnesses" and that in itself should motivate us to lift our chin up and begin each day renewed with the hope that is within us.

Trust! It's the basis of any relationship and it must be the basis of our Christian walk. If we look at every circumstance as His doing, then we can ask (or cry out) to know what we are to learn from it.

If we just whine and cry and complain, we never move through the lesson ... and sadly, there are many that live that way most of their life. One tragedy that God could have used for good in their lives has turned them away. They have basically forfeited life to live in a state that God never intended.

Jesus died that we might have hope, and peace, and joy in any situation. It is there for us. Our response to our circumstances determines what we get out of bad situations. There are plenty of evidences of God's good coming out of horrible circumstances. We have that choice!

Do we see the glass half empty or half full? When we see it half empty, our lives evaporate until we are a totally empty vessel without hope, peace or joy.

I love the story of Helen Keller. It seems there was no good for her parents or Helen, but God meant it for good! Some take the opportunity -- some do not! Which group do you want to be included in?

Let God fill you up today! Trust in Him. Go back to His side. Know that ALL of it was FOR you! You do not see the whole picture! Life on this earth is but a drop in the bucket compared to eternity. We are not living just for our time on earth! Think long-term!

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