Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Gardens and Forests Are For Dreaming

At this time of year it's such a joy to wander outside to find so much going on in God's Creation. He has made many beautiful things to attract our attention and to bring peace and joy to our weary souls.

God made the Garden and forests and then created us within it so that we would walk in the garden and fellowship with Him. I guess that's why you can't enter a garden or forest without sensing that stillness overcoming your entire being. It doesn't take long before you sense that wonder and awe of the Creator.

As you walk and see and experience, your heart is filled with the knowledge that you were created beautiful also and your mind begins to dream dreams and believe, once again, in your the hopes deepest in your soul.

How long has it been since you've walked with wonder in God's Creation? If it's been too long, schedule a time now!

Visit our Bluebird Cove to experience a bit of the natural world happening around us. Here's a few recent articles on some of our visiting critters: Scrawny Tail, a squirrel with a broken tail, Black-winged Damselflies and Five-lined Skinks that often entertain our cat on the screened porch.

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