Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Who Are You?

by Donna L. Watkins

We get ourselves into messes in life, many of us working and doing to please somebody that may even be dead and buried. We confuse what we do, or what our title is, or how much money we make, or what kind of car and house we own, or whether we look like a model, etc., with who we are. Do you believe what the Bible says about you ... or what the corporations want you to believe to create you to buy?

Fibromyalgia attacks mostly women and has been linked to a lifestyle of handling too much. Of bearing up under pressures that women were never designed to handle. It's a disease of our busy and demanding world.

Who we are has nothing to do with what we own, look like, or accomplish. In the end, it will only matter that we were pleasing to God and He loves us as He made us. All our quirks and dreams and skills and lack thereof are what we were made to be. We were born with desire and passion for something that God wants to accomplish through us. We already have what it takes!

We sin by wanting to be somebody else. We covet by desiring other people's skills and natural talents. While we are looking over the fence at their grass, God is calling from behind saying this is what I made you to be. I love who you are. You don't have to be anybody else for Me and don't let anybody tell you that you have to be somebody else for them.

Soak yourself in a bath of God's love and walk each day in a holy manner adding character qualities to your life, rather than trinkets on a charm bracelet that will rust and decay.

Don't let disease win the battle. It's a battle in the mind since our brain has so much to do with our physiological health. It controls the hormones and neurotransmitters and body processes, and what we think creates action within the brain.

Some of us have had too many troubles and burdens in life. If we're honest in our looks back, we can see that much of the chaos we created ourselves. We listened to what everybody else and the world told us we had to be and do and have. We made choices that created complicated lives. We were the only ones that believed we "had to do" all those things. We can't change the past ... but what's driving you today?

Maybe our minds can't comprehend a different lifestyle. Maybe we see no way out mentally, but our bodies were not meant to deal with the "super woman" and "super man" requirements of the world. They are not capable of those kinds of demands, so they began to manifest diseases. Maybe our brain unconsciously agrees with them and somewhere there is a bit of peace and joy in having a "good excuse" why we can't "do it all" any more.

Keeping things simple is easier if you are sick. Without ever thinking it or consciously knowing, it would be easy to believe that being ill makes life easier. People don't expect as much. The reason for saying "no" is a qualified and accepted one. Nothing to prove, no shame of not being able to take on yet another task. Your life now appears to be ruled by the disease.

There's a better way .... love yourself, believe in who you are and who you were created to be. Jesus came so that you could have abundant life. That includes joy, peace, contentment and health. You can't lay down your life if you don't have one, but God wants us to walk in our passion and dreams. To be truly us. To know we are really "okay." We don't have to say 'yes' to everybody to be good. Saying 'no' is important if the request does not match with who you are.

Work on being well. Not by pride and a puffed up spirit commanding the body and God to make it so ... but by humility and gratitude for all that God made us to be. Find your real self inside. Find those dreams and hopes and desires you had as a child. Ask God where you got off His path for your life. Why and when did you begin to conform to the image that others desired instead of being who you really are?

When we love ourselves, our bodies will heal and we will be able to love others so they can begin to heal. What the world needs now is love. Then we can lay our lives down in love doing what comes naturally and walking in joy and peace daily. No burdens ... only blessings. Begin to be you! It's okay. God made you to be you! Isn't it sin to try to be everybody else? (Answer: Yes)

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