Tuesday, November 4, 2008

FDA Approval and Pharmaceutical Marketing

Four modules have been created that detail the extent and effect that pharmaceutical marketing may have on prescribing behaviors.

The content of the video modules includes information on the FDA and the drug approval process, promotions and marketing activities by pharmaceutical companies, and the ethical dimensions of prescribing.

Experts from the fields of nursing, medicine, bioethics, health care policy and journalism are interviewed in the documentary. Dramatic vignettes are also presented with a humorous interplay in order to create a format that is educational, thought provoking and entertaining.

Module One - Why and how are drugs approved?
Overview of drug research and development in the United States; the FDA drug approval process.

Module Two - There’s no such thing as a free lunch…or dinner
Overview of pharmaceutical marketing practices, scientific evidence on the effect of marketing methods on prescribing behavior (drug samples, free meals, interactions with drug industry representatives, industry sponsored CME and lectures at national conferences, free gifts, office supplies).

Module Three - Is this the right thing to do?
Overview, discussion and presentation of opposing views regarding the ethical dimensions of pharmaceutical marketing and direct-to-consumer advertising; conflict of interest debate; effect on costs to patients and health care system as a whole.

Module Four - How can I improve my practice?
Overview of strategies to improve prescribing, i.e. evidence-based prescribing vs. market-based prescribing; cost-effective prescribing; strategies to improve interaction with representatives; critical evaluation techniques of pharmaceutical company information (data and claims).

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