Sunday, December 6, 2009

Outrageous Grace

We attended a spiritual conference in Baltimore this month and one of the songs was really powerful to me. It's so easy to look on all that's going wrong ... but when we look with our Kingdom eyes, we see the Truth and have grace for all things. Carefully read through these lyrics.

Outrageous Grace

Verse 1
There’s a lot of pain but a lot more healing
There’s a lot of trouble but a lot more peace
There’s a lot of hate but a lot more loving
There’s a lot of sin but a lot more grace

Oh, outrageous grace oh outrageous grace
Love unfurled by heaven’s hand
Oh, outrageous grace oh outrageous grace
Through my Jesus I can stand

Verse 2
There’s a lot of fear but a lot more freedom
There’s a lot of darkness but a lot more light
There’s a lot of cloud but a lot more vision
There’s a lot of perishing but a lot more life

There’s an enemy
That seeks to kill what it can’t control
It twists and turns
Making mountains out of molehills
But I will call on my Lord
Who is worthy of praise
I run to Him and I am saved

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