Thursday, December 10, 2009

Doctor Serves God With Green Ministry

A few years ago, Matthew Sleeth quit his job as an emergency room physician and moved with his wife and two kids to follow a calling from God.

“One day I picked up the Bible and read the gospel of Matthew and learned about Christ and was blown away,” he says. “We began a process of changing our lives to try to be more humble in the way that we lived.”

Sleeth wrote a book, “Serve God, Save The Planet,” in which he details how he and his family adopted a less materialistic lifestyle, and he describes the joy it has brought them.

Making that change wasn’t easy, Sleeth says. “For me, the hardest thing was to give up my identity – both in the way that I lived and in my lifestyle and with saying I’m the chief of staff at the hospital – and instead to say I’m following a path that Christ set before us to become meeker. And I’m hugging trees for Jesus to boot. Read the entire article.

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