Saturday, July 24, 2010

Carpet Cleaner That Works on Pet Stains

I was contacted with a request to review a green cleaner:
CLEAN + Green Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner, Odor Eliminator and Stain Remover.

Since we had some spots from vomit on our carpet from a previous cat that had passed away, I figured it would be a really good test since we buried him 5 years ago. When I received the can, I tried it out on the most obvious one and in seconds it totally eliminated it.

The problem was that the spot was now lighter than the silver-toned carpet around it. The carpet is almost 10 years old. So, I decided to spray lightly around that area, brushed it around, and it cleaned up the darker dirty look instantly. The can says you don't need to use a brush and I certainly didn't to remove the spots ... but I wanted to have a broader sweep of it and the brush helped to disperse it to a larger area.

I felt addicted. I did all the spots left from the kitty, and then attacked a traffic path area that looked dark and dingy. It's at the entrance to the kitchen from the living room and also where the deck entry door is. It gets a lot of traffic and it showed. But after lightly spraying and then brushing it in the whole area looked new.

From there I headed back to our bedroom where the kitty had a few more spots. I cleaned them up with the last of the can's contents. About that time I remembered I was going to take before and after photos. I went back out to the living room and took a photo of the high traffic area that had cleaned up looking like it was new carpet. That is the photo I've included. I also zoomed in for a closeup of it so you can see it at close range.

We tried quite a variety of carpet cleaners to clean up those stains when the cat made them ... and also after he was buried. Nothing took the full stain out. Everything else just partially cleaned up the stain.

I'm a thrilled housewife! Clean+Green has a huge line of products targeted for pets ... but they do so much more than that.  The company was started by pet owners.  Visit Sea Yu for all kinds of great information about this product and more.

They even have a de-skunk spray!  My neighbors with dogs will be glad to know about that.  We live rural and have skunks as regular visitors.  They don't like dogs.  :-)

They sent me a can of Auto spray also for odors and stains.  We have no pet stains in the car, but almost a year ago we were hiking in a muddy area and I got into the car and got mud all over the carpet on the passenger side because the floor mat had moved up.  It's orange clay-colored and has been quite unsightly.  So, when the heat wave leaves us, we'll be cleaning that up too.  I will remember to get a before and after on that one.  More to come ....

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