Thursday, July 29, 2010

Longer Lasting Roofing Options

Choose from a variety of durable and environmentally friendly roofing materials.

Most homeowners have to replace their roof shingles at some point. Exposed to sunlight, heat, cold, rain, wind, and sometimes snow, sleet and hail, conventional asphalt shingle roofs last 20 years, if you’re lucky.

Almost half the world’s original forests have disappeared, one-fifth since the late 1950s....
If you’d like a roof that will outlast a conventional asphalt shingle roof and is made from environmentally friendly roofing materials, consider the products outlined here. Many of them are virtually immune to hail.

Green roofing products are many and varied, ranging from recycled-plastic shingles to recycled-metal roofs to sustainably harvested or reclaimed wood roofs. The best option for your home depends on the design of your home, local building codes and price considerations. Read the entire article.

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