Wednesday, December 22, 2010

For Those Who Miss Being in the Garden

Last week I just couldn't stand not being in my garden any more. The cold weather here in Central Virginia has made me a shut-in by choice. We've been entertaining ourselves with an interior painting project, but I wanted garden time. So I got my clippers from the garage and went out to cut down the poke weed which was now totally devoid of berries. Then I cut down the Blue-Black Salvias that were now almost black from the freezing temps. By then my feet were getting a bit soddy since I had on my garden gloggers and there was snow on the ground. BUT! I had a great deal of satisfaction getting a few things done while I had some winter garden time.

I didn't want to let my husband without the joy of garden time, so I made piles of my trimmings so he could gather them as he does the rest of the year. It was so much fun, I will probably do it again on one of those days when I just can't stay inside any longer.

For all those gardeners who are also getting cabin fever .... here's a video that will make you smile.

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