Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Reedy Creek Park & Nature Preserve - Charlotte, NC

Reedy Creek Park and Nature Preserve has 852 acres, with 737 acres of natural, forested habitat in preservation. There are over ten miles of hiking trails in the nature preserve with the ability to explore a variety of terrains, while enjoying scenic views of streams, small lakes, forests, fields and wildlife.

The property is also home for the Reedy Creek Nature Center and the Dr. James F. Matthews Center for Biodiversity Studies. The map provided at the nature center is great for choosing trails and not getting lost.

The Nature Preserve provides habitat for 109 species of birds, 15 species of mammals, 20 species of reptiles, and 12 species of amphibians. Kentucky Warblers have been documented during the breeding season in the dense undergrowth along the Reedy Creek floodplain. This species is in decline and is ranked as a "high" priority. This is the last known potential breeding location remaining for this species within Mecklenberg County.

Other unusual species that have been found include Conjurer's nut, pale hickory, spotted salamander, Gulf Coast spiny softshell turtle, and Broad-winged Hawk.

I didn't take many photos at this place, but you can view the Reedy Creek Photo Album to see the rest.

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