Sunday, July 10, 2011

Crying Out For Hope

by Donna L. Watkins

Sometimes we all need a ray of hope shined into our lives by a friend, into an area that has looked so dark for so long that you wonder if life will ever be good again. Our Friend, Jesus, shines His Light into our hearts and spirits and tells us that life is good. Pain is bad, but in Him we can have peace and joy and wholeness as we rest in His loving arms and allow Him to heal us as He directs our path to wholeness. Don't give up hope. Jesus will send someone if you call unto Him.

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In Psalms many times David says he "CRIED OUT" to the Lord. It's not that the Lord doesn't hear our whispers, but it's our own soul that needs to hear our voices shout for the Lord's help. We have to break through the darkness of self-pity and shame and battle to make a hole for that Light to shine straight through to our very soul and spirit breaking off the evil of despair and discouragement the devil wants to bury us in.

There are hundreds of references in the Bible to people crying out to the Lord. It seems our pride keeps the devil elevated on his throne by not crying aloud for our Deliverer.

Giving up is exactly where he wants you to go. Take your last breath if you must, but CRY OUT and you will send the demons fleeing as you see a heavenly host arriving in response to your call.

If we do nothing other than proclaim the evil operating, we don't seem to open our soul's thick draperies of darkness enough to believe in hope. Only God's Word gives hope. You must speak what God says about the problem, not about what you are seeing with your eyes. David had it already settled in his mind that God wanted the giant dead. He knew it wasn't going to be his strength that could do it after Saul's entire army had been unable to do it. David simply believed God and acted on it.

Don't give up on hope, but do give up on murmuring and whining. Talk to Jesus about the pain, He understands. But you need the mighty forces in a spiritual realm to rise up and defend you and they are moved and motivated and activated with God's Word that is like a two-edged sword. It will cut between soul (what your mind and emotions say) and spirit (what you know within but are too weak to believe at this time). Your spirit will soar. You may have to do nothing else but stand on whatever Scriptures God shows you, and it's a literal battle physically and mentally, but it's the ONLY way out of where you are. So ... do you really want to make any other choice?

If you can't come up with any Scriptures, browse through those I've used for years and grab a few. Keep in mind you need to chew on them and eat them and memorize them and have them continually flowing from your lips and mind. It takes awhile to get there but when you do, you're headed to the sunshine!

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Thank you for the article Crying out in hope. A word in do season. I needed that encouragement.

Cheryl Smith

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