Monday, July 18, 2011

White Oak Lavender Farm and Barnyard Animals - Harrisonburg, VA

White Oak Lavender Farm is owned and operated by Julie and Rick Haushalter in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. They have over 5000 lavender plants with over 30 varieties. The harvesting process extracts the essential oil and florasol through steam distillation and they dry the flowers for buds and bouquets.

White Oak Lavender Farm - Harrisonburg, VA
Julie and Rick first experienced lavender farms in the pacific northwest when visiting family near Sequim, WA. They fell in love with the versatility of this amazing herb. Julie began growing lavender as a hobby on the farm and it wasn't long before she was making products for family and friends. Soon, Julie's parent's, Jim and Jessie Walton, volunteered to start pitching in to harvest and help make bundles for drying and "debudding" so that Jessie could begin sewing items such as lavender eye masks, neck wraps and lavender filled sock monkeys!

The farm has expanded into an agri-tourism venue and is open to the public six days per week offering tours, lectures, classes, a petting area and a lovely lavender gift shop. Julie desires to help counter the effects of stress on the quality of life for children and adults.

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