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Newsletter - 5/15/11

Hello Dear Friends!

It's very odd to still be having rather chilly weather at night and in the mornings ... and some days that have been cloudy and rainy are downright cold and damp.  However, I bundle up and insist on being outside as much as possible and have the doors and windows open for the fresh air.  With five months of a closed house here in Central Virginia in winter, I will tolerate a lot when it gets to 60 degrees.

© 2011 Donna L. Watkins - Ladybug Larvae on Pyracantha Flower
Fortunately, although Randal is very cold-natured, he bundles up also so that I can have the fresh air I crave so much.  What a man!  He's a definite gift from God for me.  Although ... neither of us would have always made that statement about each other.

You don't celebrate 34 years of being married without having walked a long road of compromises and lots of sacrifice, but that's what God calls us to do with agape love, which is His kind of love.  The kind of love that loves without anything in return.  It's not motivated by "tit for tat" or "I'll scratch your back, if you'll scratch mine."  What God calls us to is total sacrificial and unconditional love.  WOW!  It's certainly not attainable in our own human strength.

God loves us unconditionally and when we can abide in Him as He abides in us, then we can walk in that kind of love also, but we have to let go of thinking we can do it in our human strength.  It's a God thing and God within you can do it when you die to self and let go.  I guess it's pride that delays that process.

We live in a world of super achievers and it seems to be considered a weakness to "let go and let God" but we are told that is what we are to do.  To allow His grace within us under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to enable us to do all things in Christ.  I'm not there yet, but I'm determined to stay on the right road and not rely on my own understanding, which is so limited when it comes to operating in all that God knows.

The yellow tree pollen is now gone.  Thank you God for trees and the need for pollination, and for the herbs that have helped me through this allergy season so I could work outside all day on the porch.  I love trees, but I sure don't like yellow pollen all over everything.  It's nice when it's gone.  We've had days of rain to wash it all away on the porches and window sills too.

Next weekend we're scheduled to take a Medicinal Plant Walk at a nearby preserve area.  Knowing what's growing in your own backyard for medicines seems to be more and more important these days with the health care system going down the tubes.

Wishing You Were Coming to Visit!
This has been a lush Spring for our yard and habitat, as it has been with the neighbors also.  It's the frequent rains I know, but it's wonderful to see it all.  It takes me to the really hot season of summer to get over being so enthralled with green all around me.  If you haven't visited my photo gallery lately, here's links to my favorite albums.

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If you're looking for trip ideas, visit the Travel Gallery to see albums of places we've visited in various states.

All seasons of the year God wraps His arms around me, but when it's green outdoors I so enjoy His creation and artistry in nature.  It shows so many characteristics of who He is. We have regular visits from the white-tailed deer. When I see their tail go up and flash that warning to get out of the area and follow the white tail like a flag, I think of the Holy Spirit and how He prompts us when we need to turn and run from sin as we follow after God. I doubt He has a tail at all, but I like seeing God's illustrations and thinking about what they may be telling us.

Squeek is been doing well and eating up a storm.  Prayer for direction led me to add Slippery Elm to her food and that seemed to be the key for her.  FIV cats have a challenge with mouth ulcers and I just learned that fact AFTER I began the Slippery Elm.  The tip came in a little cat calendar sheet that an aunt sent me.  Doesn't God just piece things together nicely?  Others would say, "I just happened to get this in the mail."  Nope!  I declare that God guides and directs in all our ways if we ask Him and lean in for His whispers.

I hope all the mothers had a good day.  Holidays can be very emotional.  I was blessed with a call, a Facebook post and several gifts this year.  Of course, I'd trade it all for a few hours with my son, but he's in Oklahoma and that's not too easy.  Thank God for the internet and phones and the ability to share photos so easily.

Continue to have a grand and glorious Spring!

Love and Hugs,

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