Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Faith - Knowing the Unknown

by David Stephens

Well beyond the part of you that thinks and feels, crossing the line from the natural into the spiritual, God planted inside of you a deep desire to know the unknown. The “need-to-know” manifests itself when you try to glimpse into the future, collect all the facts before making a decision, or when you just flat-out find yourself curious about something. Yes, your “need-to-know” consumes much of your time.

There are two worlds you live in, one very tangible, and the other very intangible. You experience the tangible world through your five senses. Your ability to see, smell, taste, touch, and hear sets the boundaries—the outer limits—to which this world can expand. Although you will never experience everything this concrete world has to offer—after-all, how can a person take in everything created to stimulate the senses—in comparison to the intangible world, the tangible is rather tiny.

The spiritual world is much like the intangible world in that you would know nothing of it if not for the expression it makes on your everyday life. But isn’t that what you want—a practical representation of your Christian life working itself out in the here-and-now? Read the entire article and view short video.

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