Saturday, September 10, 2011

How God Gives You a Life of Faith

by David Stephens

You would never walk in faith without God placing the situations in your life to do so. 

Faith is the crown jewel of Christianity. Faith separates Christianity from all the religions of the world. Religion creates a works-based mentality in that it relies on you reaching up to God instead of God reaching down to you. You do all the work with the hope of receiving God’s favor as a reward. Religion offers your life nothing but cubic zirconium.

Religion dead-ends ... No matter how well you might consistently behave, sooner or later some situation or circumstance always comes along in which you respond poorly, exploding the myth that somehow you measure up to God’s standard.

When Christ came to this Earth, He vacated His crown in heaven. Yet when He did, He took the crown jewel—faith—with Him and brought it along to give to you and me. As the crown jewel of Christianity, faith snuggly fits around your life and sparkles like a fine diamond ring does around your finger.

And although we both possess our own spiritual diamond of faith, each looks very differently. In fact, no two Christians’ faith cuts exactly the same. In other words, how pretty the diamond looks depends on how the diamond is cut.

Remember the story of the woman bleeding for twelve years? By faith she reached out and touched Jesus and was healed. (Matthew 9:19-22) By faith, a centurion asked Jesus to just “say-the-word” to bring healing to his servant. Jesus did and the servant was healed instantly. (Matthew 8:5-14) By faith, a gentile woman brought her demon possessed daughter to Jesus for healing, and promptly received it. (Matthew 5:21-28)

I’m not saying that faith somehow transformed into something different between the Old and New Testaments. But as faith relates to Jesus, there appears to be a lot of instances where faith initiates in a person coming to Him with a need, as opposed to God going to the person with something He wants them to do. Read the entire article and view a short follow-up video.

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