Thursday, November 17, 2011

Have a Holiday Revolution

From Wonder of Creation Blog

As we approach the busy holiday season, I’ve been thinking: wouldn’t it be a grand thing if believers came to truly understand that Thanksgiving is the Christian “earth day” when we celebrate the bounty of God’s good creation.

Imagine how the holiday seasons from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day would take on a whole new meaning if we got off the materialistic juggernaut and celebrated the first advent of the Messiah with an active expectation of His second advent when we will join hands with all the redeemed entities of the restored cosmos. I’m not sure how it would look, but here are some things we could do.

1. We could make the day after Thanksgiving a Sabbath day—a sacramental day when we repent of our “consumption” of God’s good earth. Instead of helping to make that day the busiest shopping day of the year, we would deliberately buy and eat nothing, and by that example help turn the eyes of the world away from Mammon and toward God.

A quiet day when we celebrate family and find a park or other outdoor location to become a bit more intimate with the outdoors, or read a good old heart-warming book could become a joyful new Thanksgiving tradition.

2. We could celebrate Christmas by using God’s great gift of creativity to us by making gifts for one another. Revive the old custom of creatively taking of the bounty of the earth and turning it into something that will remind us with each use of the good earth and its coming day of victory: nature craft items, jams and other preserves, bird houses and bird feeders, and a single orange to remind us of the past when celebrations were homespun and simple.

We could consider not burdening ourselves with expensive toys that will only take more of our time and money—and unnecessarily make a negative impact upon the natural world. We could shun big-ticket items that in the long run reduce our ability to truly be stewards of the earth.Read the entire article.

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