Wednesday, December 12, 2012

13 Billion Pounds of Paper Towels

In this 4-1/2 minute video at, Joe Smith reveals that Americans use 13 billion pounds of paper towels every year.

If we could reduce our use to one less sheet of paper towels, per person, per day, we'd get it down to about 571 million pounds. Smith tells us how to do it. I've always used just one paper towel when we're out in public rest rooms (we rarely use paper towels at home - a roll lasts me more than a year). If the bathroom is one of those that doesn't have any doors to open, I don't even use a towel. I just shake most of the water off and move on.

If God's Creation means anything to you, watch the short video. It will make you think the next time you need a paper towel and it's funny too!

In case you think Joe Smith must be weird for having such a silly mission, he's definitely not. He served as District Attorney for Umatilla County and is the former chair of the Oregon Democratic Party. He was the Executive Assistant to the Speaker of the Oregon House of Representatives and held a short interim position in the Oregon House of Representatives. An active lawyer in a private practice, he once famously ran for the position of Oregon Attorney General without soliciting a single contribution over $99.99.

Impressive! Go ahead ... watch the video.

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John Roberts said...

During communal meals at our church, we've gone from five or six bags of garbage to one or two by using real plates and flatware. Cleaning and sanitizing for fifty to seventy five sets takes less than 15 minutes in our commercial level kitchen, and friendships are reinforced!

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