Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Max: A Hyper, Thunder Phobia Dog Uses Herbs to Relax

I just had to share this story about Max, a hyper, storm-fearing dog that is being loved by a new family after not being wanted by his previous family.

This story emphasizes the use of herbal choices vs. drugs and I like that a lot since we've been using herbs with our pets since the early 80's and have been so blessed by the simplicity and effectiveness of a simple plant.

Enjoy this story from a wonderful animal-loving family in Texas ....

We took in a dog named Max that a family no longer wanted after having a baby.  He was quite hyper and nervous.  We discovered he also had a fear of storms.  He would go absolutely crazy and be very destructive during a storm.  

We tried some pills from the veterinarian to makes his days calmer, but they didn't seem to work.  They made him act like he was in another world as he stumbled around, and he was still so anxious and crazy when we had another storm. I don't like having an animal on drugs.

I decided to use Valerian Root to calm him down since a friend told me of several dogs she knew that had used it with success for this problem.  Valerian doesn't make him stumble and it calms him down enough so he can still play with the children, walk about and do what he wants without being so nervous.  If it's real stormy, we have to give him two pills and that gets him through the storm.  As you can see from the photograph, he is super relaxed as the storm passes by.

We are thrilled that we can use Valerian to keep Max calm rather than nervous on any given day.  He is a real clingy dog and doesn't like to be left alone, so I give Valerian to him whenever we're going to be gone from the house.  He is so laid back now that it isn't even funny, but I should say until he sees a mouse and then, the race is on in slow motion.  He will catch them and bring them to you.
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